Praise for Mary

The skills Mary taught me helped me to initially land the job, negotiate for better pay and vacation, and continue to ride the career wave as she calls it after I was in the position. Because of the skills I learned from her I was selected for promotion above 15 other project managers at my company to become a Product Manager. This was a nice bump in pay and aligned with where I wanted to go. We all know that life, markets, and companies have their challenges. As such my company soon thereafter laid off all in the Industrial section, I was one of the ones that packed out with the brown box. Because of the skills I had from Mary I was not only able to land on my feet but realized my dream and found a place near my family farm in an R&D Product Development Manager position that pays comparable wages to what I made in the Salt lake area as a Product Manager. The best thing I ever did was to get to know and learn from Mary Cosgrove. If you are a professional that wants to realize a dream, utilize Mary. Her knowledge base, caring personality, and network are invaluable and will propel you to reach new heights.

John Mulligan

Product Manager, Ovivo

For the past five years, I had been yearning to evolve what I do for a living, but bumping up against a terrifying monster named “You’re Not Qualified”. I was strongly called to wilderness rites of passage work and had been training, studying, practicing, and preparing . . . but not quite able to jump off the cliff and tell the world that’s who I am and what I do. I was afraid people would look at me with blank stares and think I was nuts.

Mary knew she could help me before I knew she could help me. When I finally called her, she was already in such full support that I was blown away.

Throughout our several meetings, her no-nonsense approach, deep caring, and solid experience of the process of career change gave me just what I needed to make the psychological JUMP. There are some things that we simply can’t do alone! Her genuine confidence in me has been a priceless gift — one that everyone deserves to give to themselves.

Now I’m not afraid of blank stares and if people think I’m nuts, that’s perfect!

Kinde Nebeker

Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide

Mary's skill as a Career Coach and Strategist is absolutely masterful. As my coach for the past few months, her direct but personable style refined my thinking around my values, skill and career direction, and helped me put conceptual ideas into actionable results in order to build my "new" resume and LinkedIn profile. She put me through the paces, and had endless patience with me as I sometimes struggled to define and articulate my goals, but that's exactly what I needed.

If you're looking to define (or redefine) your career goals, and are in need of some tough (but still tender) guidance, I would HIGHLY recommend Mary's services. She'll help you get where you didn't even know you wanted to go.

Traci D'Alessio

Consulting and Business Development

I just wanted to thank you for the career classes and workshops. I was able to figure out what my passion is. I started a new job as an event planner about 2 months ago. I plan large and small events for military families. My job is challenging, but it is also rewarding. You are one of the few people that actually believed that I should be an event planner. Several people, including my own family, told me that it wouldn't be a good career for me. I'm glad that I didn't listen to them. I am so glad that I have started this new career and I look forward to advancing my career to new heights. Thanks so much for the career coaching! 

Timber Miller

Event Planner

Mary used a variety of tools that helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses to focus my job search. What I found to be of utmost value was that Mary was HONEST. She helped me frame myself in a logical manner and put things into perspective for me.

She worked on every aspect of my job search with me. Everything from what to do for the moment, to finishing a resume, to doing well at an interview was discussed. She pushed me and gave me confidence, so that I could find a position that worked best for me.

Mihir Bhangley

Making a big change in your life - professional or personal - requires a lot of courage and an understanding of what is most important to you. Working with Mary and her "tools" helped me to understand what really makes me tick and what I need to be happy. She helped me recognize that courage to make a major change in your life is not an instant in time but a progression towards making that big decision - whatever it is. I had everything already in me but could not see the proverbial forest for the trees.

Dianna Atkins