Coaching Offerings


Mary’s coaching integrates and utilizes processes that facilitate the fulfillment of your roles within specific environments and helps clarify your needs, wants and abilities in a time of transition. Meet or exceed your personal and professional goals and desires!

Individual Coaching

INDIVIDUAL STRATEGIES for personal and professional success


ONE-ON-ONE coaching in personalized and specific areas.

I invite my clients to take a trip back in time and describe for me when things worked for them at work. I look for patterns in roles, types of work, values, and structures. We then look at current reality – what’s working or not now. Then we go and explore possible futures based on the current trajectory. Is this where you want to end up?

Through this standardized and validated process I have successfully assisted over a 1,000 clients through a reinvention, rediscovery and renewal process and set them off to experience life to it’s fullest. The goal is always reaching full potential.

In every situation there is something working. You don’t need to find your life’s work you are doing it.

I offer customized topics and presentations based on your particular LIFE goals and challenges.

Group Coaching

Career strategies optimizing peer and group dynamics


GROUP COACHING for organizational success through Individuals who thrive in the workplace.

What’s Next: Strategies for Designing Today & Tomorrow – Transitions in life, community and partnerships.

Strategic Social Networking – LinkedIn profile development to design and attract What’s Next.
My ongoing LinkedIn passion fuels this opportunity to share my expertise with a number of different professional organizations and Life Long Learning.

Expertise + Find-ability + Strategic Alliance = Employability

Mindfulness at Work – Surrender & presence of mind in the professional arena
3 sessions for 2 hours. “Wonderful feedback and I’m looking forward to incorporating these tools at work”
Life Long Learning course description click here

Multiple Brain Integration Techniques – Based on the book Using your Multiple Brains to do Cool Stuff by Grant Soosalu. The content integrates and aligns easily beside my current offering.

Customized topics and presentations based on the particular challenges and goals of your organization

Executive Coaching

Optimizing skill, satisfaction, and success


Recently promoted? Overwhelmed by constant organization change? Wondering how to manage employee morale? Not sure how to manage employee behavior? Are you wondering how to decipher your 360 degree performance feedback?

Develop your strategic vision.

Work with Mary to develop action plans and techniques that provide you with the tools to improve your leadership competencies, fostering trust and inspiring cooperation in your organization.

The skills Mary taught me helped me to initially land the job, negotiate for better pay and vacation, and continue to ride the career wave as she calls it after I was in the position. Because of the skills I learned from her I was selected for promotion above 15 other project managers at my company to become a Product Manager. This was a nice bump in pay and aligned with where I wanted to go. We all know that life, markets, and companies have their challenges. As such my company soon thereafter laid off all in the Industrial section, I was one of the ones that packed out with the brown box. Because of the skills I had from Mary I was not only able to land on my feet but realized my dream and found a place near my family farm in an R&D Product Development Manager position that pays comparable wages to what I made in the Salt lake area as a Product Manager. The best thing I ever did was to get to know and learn from Mary Cosgrove. If you are a professional that wants to realize a dream, utilize Mary. Her knowledge base, caring personality, and network are invaluable and will propel you to reach new heights.

John Mulligan

Product Manager, Ovivo