Client Profiles

Quitting a bad job should be easy. Quitting a good job is hard.

Gerard, in his early 30’s, and I worked together to explore why he was not fulfilled and unhappy in his career. He was making well over 6 figures, married to a nice wife, they had a young daughter and all the makings of what “success” represented.

It was not the career that he wanted. He was sick and tired. He had tried to make changes and discovered he was in a pattern.

Here is what Gerard says: “Mary told me; “You’re smarter than me Gerard…, I’m not going to give you any answers. You have to get those yourself. I will show you where to start looking. And I will show you what to do with the answers you find.” She let me figure it out, guided me toward where I see now I was inevitably headed. When I was scared and wanted to bail on my plan, she didn’t dismiss my fear. She helped me understand it.

Thanks to Mary I am no longer directed by my insecurities, but I instead focus to understand and progress in spite of them.”

I love teaching high school, I am in my third year now. I am teaching finance, cooperative education (job training and placement) and college prep. I am doing exactly what I want to do and I am good at it. I recently had the proudest moment of my professional life, I personally guided a bright young orphan girl to college, paying many of her expenses and fundraising several thousands of dollars for her. It was great! She is excelling at her studies and is now at Dixie State. I arranged mentors and helpers for her in St. George as this was her first time off-island.

I am quite balanced with my life. I am really spending so much time in service to others, so much time with my family, and good times at play too. I play volleyball after cleaning up typhoon debris and before building a sand castle with my girls. It’s just about the best balance I can achieve!

My business phone rings its 6:30 pm. I pick up and a woman tells me she can’t go on. She’s overwhelmed by the business she created and starts to cry. I assured her that she called the right number.

Over the next 2 years, with regular collaboration and planning, Natalie, concluded that it was time to sell her business. She had developed it to her full capacity and she did not have the resources or wherewithal to grow it further. Natalie was clear she wanted to allow her company, her baby, to reach its full potential and that was only possible through new management and an infusion of expanded resources. She was concerned about the employees and families who relied on this success.

The process of structuring a company to make it attractive to a buyer was the focus of our work together. Natalie developed her leadership capacity and worked with the management team to improve function and form. She successfully negotiated terms of a sale and stayed on for 3 years as the director of the division of a larger corporation. Her “baby” grew from 1 million is sales to over 10 million in those three years.

Natalie is now pursuing new passions and opportunities with enough money and clear vision to sustain her along this new path. It’s been my pleasure to assist her over the years of breakdowns and breakthroughs. She has rediscovered her capacity for creating, reinvented herself, and let go of the company she birthed so both are growing to reach their full potentials!