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Career Meltdown Month

Monday, August 16th, 2010

There is something about July I’ve noted over the years. In June my practice slows and there are not many new clients calling. I know that in July things will pick up. This year was no exception. This period typically lasts about 6 weeks. Once school starts client meltdowns are less frequent.

Many in the work place have had the feeling of being under siege. Your values, your mind, your physiology are ignored by an unfeeling employer in the guise of a boss or corporation. This feeling may be felt in the pit of your stomach – a recent client told me it felt like when his father passed away. He was missing something. He is missing something – his sense of identity. It’s just a feeling. Our feelings, however, can highjack us in many dysfunctional ways.  Is it, “I’m hot and crabby.”?  Often within 3 to 5 minutes or immediately the person is in tears. “I can’t take it I’m going to quit.  Help me.”  These are wise people – they reach out before they commit career hari-kari.

I call this monkey brain syndrome – it’s the fight-flight response. When our identity system is under attack the rational brain shuts down and our brain reverts back to basics. I believe this is called the sympathetic nervous system which is controlled by the hypothalamus, in close association with the limbic system of the brain. I’m not a scientist by trade; however I am a highly trained observer of human behavior.

So the monkey brain kicks in and the distressed caller says either “If I don’t leave here soon – I may kill my boss” or “I feel like I’m dying and if I don’t get out of here soon I will…..” You have called the right place. I can help you. First- promise you won’t make any decisions or take any actions while you are in this frame of mind.

The last few weeks have given us tragic examples of career meltdown. Eight people were killed in Connecticut by an employee who was being fired for stealing. The current celebrity of the moment is the Jet Blue flight attendant who took flight (literally) by deploying the emergency slide. Fight or flight – there is a better way.

Utilizing a series of techniques including Mind-Body Bridging; career analysis and review I’m happy to report many of my clients are back to fully functioning human beings in weeks if not days. When the “rational” employee is back, you may then choose to make your exit or discover that it was a momentary mind collapse and that you actually have the perfect job. A change in perspective was all that was needed.

I recently asked some of my clients from the past few years to tell me what prompted them to call me in July. Client Margaret (named changed) told me she was sitting in her office one hot evening. She was frustrated as she wanted to be off with her two boys and husband who were out having some fun. She was overwhelmed and her brain wasn’t functioning. She typed into her web browsers the words: “work, overwhelm, tired, career help, Utah” and bingo there was What’s Working Well?™. She shot me off an email, I phoned her. Three years later she has successfully sold her small business and has accepted a new leadership role. Now there is a wise woman – she wasn’t feeling that way when she first called – but it was just a feeling. She’s a fully functioning, creative, resourceful and happy person.

You too are creative, resourceful and a fully functioning human being. Give me a call.